We Let Our Work Do The Talking

Our Mission

J-Winn LLC Mission is to provide our customers the highest quality product and customer service available.  
Honesty,Integrity,and Reliability are traits that we possess so our mission is achieved. We believe our customers are the most important part of our business, and hope to develop relationships with them that can be considered friendships. We truly enjoy working with home owners and business to give their home or place of work, a new look that will last for years to come. We pride ourselves on offering a quality service at a competitive price. 


J-Winn LLC specializes in decorative concrete curb, stamped concrete, Vertical Concrete, traditional gray concrete, or any of your other concrete needs. 

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Landscape curb specifications

Our finished concrete curb meets and surpasses the standards. We use SRA's or shrinkage reducing additives in our mixing process to improve the finish and reduce shrinkage of your concrete curb. Our concrete curb is reinforced with fiber mesh or galvanized steel aircraft cable, all of our finished curb meets the required 3000 psi compression test. Our curb is installed using The Lil’ Bubba concrete extruder. LIL' Bubba is a one of a kind machine that uses an upward motion to compact the concrete, this machine naturally produces a stronger curb, versus the common back and forth motion of most extruders in the area.  A steel trowel is used to finish the extruded concrete.  Once finished, control joints are hand tooled 2-3 feet on center to prevent cracking of your curb. We apply an acrylic sealer to our finished curb. This will increase the life of your curb and will leave it with a look that lasts. Any defects in the curb caused by poor workmanship or defective material will be replaced at no charge.

Why Concrete Curb?

Will not rust like steel, decompose like wood, break like plastic, or move like brick
More economical and durable than traditional lawn edging
Successful root barrier
Multiple color and design options
Design flexibility including flowing curves, straight lines and custom designs
Reduces edging and trimming time
Most jobs completed in one day
Professional appearance adds value to your property
Existing landscaping not disturbed
Continuous curbing 

Concrete specifications

​All of our concrete is poured on a sub-grade free of unstable soil, a minimum four inches of gravel is leveled and compacted at the correct grade. Once formed  one half inch re-bar two foot on center is installed to insure that if any movement occurs the concrete will remain together. Expansion joint is also placed in the correct locations to insure existing structures or objects are not damaged by movement of the concrete. Patios and walkways are typically poured at four to four and half inches thick , Driveways and slabs are poured five to six inches thick. The extra one inch of concrete,  cheap insurance,  will increase the strength of the concrete by fifty percent. We prefer that the concrete used be a 4000-4500 psi six bag full air mix design, in outdoor applications. Once properly cured all of our concrete is treated with a sealer to prevent moisture from entering the concrete, and help prevent stains. Once sealer dries control joints are cut to prevent cracking from the movement of the earth.